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Jimmy is an award winning photographer highly valued by his clients for his creative and technical edge. Jimmy brought his years of experience shooting film and hand printing in the darkroom to the digital age. Trying out the first digital cameras and technology with his client Microsoft, Jimmy was in the forefront of digital photography technology. Fluent with a wide range of cameras, film and digital formats; Jimmy is able to work with clients in getting the desired image quality and results.

Jimmy has applied this creative edge for a wide range of assignments.
He has received awards for his advertising, architectural and fine art photography and you may have seen his work in national and international publications. Jimmy has served as a Board of Trustees for a national photographic school in the United States and received recognition for his commitment to community, disabled peoples and environment.

Jimmy works closely with a short list of creative and talented Art Directors, Hair/makeup Artists and Photography Assistants so that photo shoots operate smoothly and professionally.







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